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Q: You literally have the best music taste on this planet!- legit. Like everyday i'm on your tumbr just for the music haha

Thank you! Check out my sound cloud http://m.soundcloud.com/angelaomran
I update it daily! Unlike tumblr :) x

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Q: Not even friendzoned, they have no idea how I feel...

Well ma man that’s when you know what’s going wrong there

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*is a bad bit around the clock*

Q: Sorry totally didn't mean to rant at you in my last ask, just needed to say it. I hope there will be more (and as for blocking them and cutting contact, they're such a good friend of mine. That's what makes it harder

Don’t be sorry it’s ok! So this is sorta friend zoned..

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The world stands with Palestine.

Q: How's this for a thought - I'm worried that I'm never going to feel as strongly for anyone as I do for the person I'm in love with now. I can't express how much I love them , my feelings for them are so real but they don't love me back. So what if I never feel this way again, even for someone who truly loves me? That's what I'm worried about.

I mean unrequited love is pretty hard I don’t really know what advice I could give you it’s just something that passes I mean if you’re certain that person does not love and does not want to then why keep in contact? Block them on social media just remove everything that reminds you of the person, it’s easier said than done I get it. But I truly believe this isn’t your last love there’s so much more to come if you allow yourself

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when your friends smoke but you dont 

my life. 

My fucking life omg

My little love thought rants

What if your soul mate is living in another state or country or if a language barrier is a problem or they don’t have social media but they’re out there, How sad is that, because we sit here searching for someone around our home town and state but we’re really just limiting ourselves to people! I mean I’m 18 years old and I’ve never been in love not once and I’ve never really had a proper boyfriend or crush. I think I’m certain that someone is out there but not here in Australia, I can’t wait to find out!